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Your Logo is Very Important!

Logo Designs to enhance the marketing of your business


Are you looking for something to help promote your company or business? Something to help make your logo more well know? Why not use your embroidered logo on clothing, patches or gifts such as bookmarks, towels, handkerchiefs, purses or bags?

Cool Creations will embroider your company logo on patches, clothing, bookmarks, linen or bags. Such items are excellent gifts and wonderful promotional products.

Restaurants, inns and guesthouses find their neat embroidered logos on their linen decorative yet personal. On the mark and to their taste, communicating their ideas with their logo, slogans and accentuate their place of businesses.

So personalize your linen such as table cloths and serviettes or any of the bathroom towels or other linen. These products may also include lovely embroidered pillowcases and sheets and at the same time the logo and design will enhance your dιcor.

Many sports clubs and teams, reunion groups, church youth organizations, as well as schools apply logo-marketing, especially during memorial events or fundraising efforts or sports events or race gatherings.

Just send Cool Creations a clear image of your logo via email and the logo can be digitized. A good quality images of your design will be needed to create a clear and good embroidery design. We prefer any of the following GIF, BMP, JPG (uncompressed) TIFF, Raster or Vector format images.

Various beautiful fonts are available, a multitude designs in various themes too, so just contact Cool Creations if you need this kind of service.

Logos and Emblems

Some examples

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Youth group logo
Die heel beste rede

Photo Gallery

School emblem
BCVO Akademie Derby
Die Beweging vir
Christelik Volkseie Onderwys

Product logo
Animal Food, Epol

Youth group logo
Lewe vir Jesus

Photo Gallery

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